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Programs for Diabetics

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Why Does Diabetic Impotence Effect 1 in 2 Men?
Diabetic Impotence is the inability to achieve and maintain a satisfactory erection to complete intercourse.  Because diabetes has a negative effect on neurological and vascular function, which are two essential elements of normal erection ability, it is easy to understand why over half of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction.  The American Urology Association’s clinical panel on treating impotence has recommended vacuum device treatment as a safe and effective non-invasive treatment.
We Are proud of offer our male customers safe and effective products by Vet-Co, Inc.
The Vet-Co vacuum device line is the benchmark in quality and function.  The V.E.T. System qualifies for our Medicare program.

Why Purchase the V.E.T. System?
Because the V.E.T. System is completely external, it is the safest form of impotence treatment.  Invasive treatments include penile injections, urethral inserts, oral medications, and implant surgery.  These treatments can have harmful side-effects, require constant doctor visits, and continual high refilling cost.  The V.E.T. System is clinically proven to be effective regardless of course or severity of impotence.

How Does the V.E.T. System Work?
The V.E.T. System gently increases blood flow causing rigidity.  A pliable band is placed at the base to maintain firmness.  See Owner’s Manual for warnings.

The V.E.T. System
High-quality, medical-grade FDA registered product
Vacuum pump with vacuum monitor
Three different diameter cylinders with band removal system
Three sizes of maintaining rings
One tube water-base personal lubricant
Educational video and instruction manual
Lifetime warranty on vacuum pump and vacuum cylinders

  • Vet-Co toll-free help line
  • Requires doctor’s prescription and appropriate Medicare documentation
  • “The American Urology Association’s clinical panel on treating erectile dysfunction has recommended vacuum device treatment as a safe and effective non-invasive treatment.”

    No Hassle, No Out-of-Pocket Expense Medicare Program!
    To qualify for our Medicare program, you must have Medicare as your primary medical insurance.  HMO plans do not qualify.  If you have met your annual deductible, there are no up-front costs to you.  We will bill you or your secondary insurance for the required Medicare co-pay.

    With your permission, we will contact your physician on your behalf to obtain a prescription.

    Call our Medicare representatives today for details!

    Our Corporate Commitment:
    We are committed to help people diagnosed with diabetes maintain the highest quality of life. Now, couples suffering with diabetic impotence can improve their quality of life and resume intimate relations. This can be done without complicated and dangerous medications or surgery. The V.E.T. System is the perfect option for any man that desires a safe and effective option that is covered by Medicare.

    Sexual intimacy is an important part of a happy and healthy relationship.  The close bond created by sexual intimacy gives a sense of togetherness and mutual love.  While many men desire to fulfill this special aspect of a relationship, health problems can prevent natural ability.

    The V.E.T. System is a product that is designed to enhance a man’s sexual ability.  Restoring sexual ability can give a man confidence and improve relationships.  Using the V.E.T. System will allow a man to fulfill this special aspect of a relationship and regain his youthful nature.

    “Let your Medicare cover the safest, most effective treatment for diabetic impotence.”

    Easy Access Medical Supply, Inc., is your Source for quality diabetic supplies. We are ready to serve you TODAY!

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